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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Maharishi Institute of Management, 29th K.M, Bangalore-Mysore Highway Bheemanahalli, Bidadi Bangalore 560 009, Karnataka

Maharishi Institute of Management

M.I.M. is established in India under the auspices of Maharishi Shiksha Sansthan, a Registered Society under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860. Maharishi Shiksha Sansthan administers over 175 Maharishi Vidya Mandir Schools with about 90,000 students. These are Public Schools designed according to the pattern of the Central Board of Secondary Education curriculum.

Maharishi Institute of Management (M.I.M.) was founded in 1995 in India to provide the future managers of India with the latest principles, practices, and technologies of modern management from around the world. The goal of Maharishi Institute of Management is to create problem-free management in India through management based on Natural Law, so that India can successfully meet the challenges of the globalized economy, maintain cultural integrity, and rise to leadership in the family of nations. The management training at M.I.M. accomplishes these goals by providing not only 'career-oriented' education, but also 'life-oriented' education through Maharishi's Consciousness Based Education System.

(1) The Post Graduate Programme : The Post Graduate Diploma in Business ManagementP.G.D.M.) is a truly innovative programmme, aimed at meeting the basic needs of the modern Indian organisation which is more knowledge-based and information-intensive. The programme is of a 4 semester duration and as a participant you will:

* Acquire a managerial education that will influence your thinking and achievements throughout your life;
* Acquire skills in all the functional areas of management;
* Learn ethical and moral values and positive attitudes for societal well-being;
* Make decisions in business situations;
* Learn how to assess yourself and motivate others;
* Develop a professional level of presentational writing and skills of articulation;
* Apply skills in problem definition and analysis.

The programme offers students complete insight into the contemporary developments of each subject. The teaching methodology adopted by M.I.M. is specially designed to provide students with deep conceptual insights and understanding of practical areas and applications. Methodologies used include self-study, intense classroom discussions, case studies, quizzes, term papers, summer internships, mid-term and final examinations, and project work-- ensuring judicious blend of theory and practice. The consistent use of case studies in each subject helps the students to develop skills necessary to manage real life situations.

The Post Graduate Diploma in Administration (P.G.D.M.) at MIM, Noida is recognised by the All-India Council for Technical Education (A.I.C.T.E.), Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India.

(2) Vedic Management: At M.I.M., student-managers are given foundational courses exposing them to the theories, principles and techniques of Vedic Management, Natural Law Based Management.

No system of Management in the world today is as perfect as the Vedic System of Management because existing systems of management derive their policies and procedures from the theories of economy, production, and sales, but they are not fully in accord with all the Laws of Nature that manage the order and evolution of the universe. This is the reason why all the existing systems of management are prone to problems of instability and are unsatisfactory.

Only Vedic Management has that unlimited broad base of the total organising power of Natural Law, from where it draws upon the infinite creativity of the infinite organising power of the holistic value of Natural Law, and also, simultaneously, draws upon the enormous creativity of the specific Laws of Nature.

The Vedic Consciousness of the manager is the basis of Vedic Management, which is in full accord with the Cosmic Management of Natural Law, which organises and maintains the universe in perfect order and harmony -- supporting the progress of everything and everyone, singly and collectively, in the direction of evolution.

This consciousness-based management training was distorted by the foreign influence in India for thousand of years, and even now the momentum of foreign influence is dominating management systems in India, rendering them totally incomplete and ineffective.

With Maharishi Universities of Management in America, Europe, and Russia; and Maharishi Vedic University and Maharishi Institute of Management in India, the field of management is now rising to enjoy the light of Vedic Management -- the light of perfection.

The means to achieve Vedic Management is to develop the Vedic Consciousness of the manager and everyone under his management. For this the simple formula is:

To practise Transcendental Meditation and the TM-Sidhi Programme including Yogic Flying for about twenty minutes morning and evening, and verify personal experiences by reading the Vedic Text;

To live and work in buildings built according to Vastu -- Sthapatya Veda -- the Vedic Science and Technology of building according to Natural Law; and
To avoid problems through Graha Shanti, which inspires the benevolent and harmonising influences and filters out any negative influences from the Cosmic Counterparts of the individual -- the planets, stars, galaxies, etc.

There is a large body of scientific research in all fields of physiology, psychology, sociology, and ecology that documents the benefits of the programmes of Maharishi's Vedic Technology -- the means to achieve Vedic Consciousness, the basis of Vedic Management. (For a glimpse of the more than 600 scientific research studies conducted at more than 200 universities and research institutions in 32 countries, please refer to the Transcendental Meditation page in the Programmes section of this website.)

The Vedic Consciousness of the manager is the basis of Vedic Management, which is in full accord with the management of the universe through Natural Law. Vedic Management handles the unlimited management of the universe with perfect order and harmony, supporting everything and everyone to perpetually progress in the direction of evolution.

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